Download Controller APK – Free 2020 version

Download Controller APK on your Android device to control your Laptop or computer remotely. This application is a great tool that you can use to access your computer at home or office. In case you have forgotten some important data at your office or home computer.

About Controller APK

Using the Controller application you will get many amazing features and functions that you can perform remotely. Moreover, using this application you can also play games on your PC with this application. The Controller application on your Android device will perform as a remoter control or a joystick.

Controller APK

Most of the most popular games like Counter Strike, Need For Speed, Call Of Duty, GTA San Andreas, and more. Moreover, all of the controls are highly customizable so you can change the controls according to your likings. In racing games, you can utilize the G-Sensor on your Android device and use your mobile device as a steering wheel.

In the gaming mode, you can utilize the additional controls and apply additional functions to them. Moreover, you can also store cheat codes in the buttons and you can easily apply cheats with a single click. You can also use wireless keyboards and a mouse with this application.

Moreover, there is a built-in media player that you can control with your Android device. Using the media player controls you can easily control music on your laptop or computer. Moreover, this application also has multiplayer support. Using this feature you can connect two devices at the same time to play games with your friends.

Controller APK

To connect your Android device with your computer you have to download the “Receiver” application on your PC. Once you have installed the receiver application you will be able to connect to your PC remotely. However, you need to have a strong network connection, or else the connection between both devices will disconnect.

Controller App In PC

Download Controller APK

App Name Controller
App Developer MoboAlien
App Categorie Tools
APK Version Controller_v3.1.4
Compatible With Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android
License Free
APK File Size 4.1 MB

How To Install Controller APK

To install the Controller APK application on your Android Smart device you have to change some settings. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Open the settings on your Android smart device.
  2. Now open security or Additional settings.
  3. On different Android devices, this option is located in Additional settings or security.
  4. Now in Additional settings select “Safety and Privacy”.
  5. Now look for the “Install Unknows Source Apps” option.
  6. Toggle the switch and turn it on.
  7. Now download the APK file and open it to start the installation.
  8. Follow all of the commands given to you by the app.
  9. Once the installation is complete, open the app and start using it.

Controller APK

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