DragonVale in PC, Windows 10/8/7/Mac (Free)

Read the drafted article to Download DragonVale in PC. This game is developed to provide fun to smartphone players. But unfortunately, it has no official desktop version. So if you are one of those players who love to enjoy their gameplay on a bigger display, then you’ll be required to learn a set of instructions.

DragonVale in PCFirst of all, I’m going to help you get DragonVale APK. So you can use the game’s latest version on your Android device and also use it to enjoy your favorite game on a Windows or Mac OS. And after I’m done providing the guide to achieve such a goal, I’ll provide the latest features of the game.

Download DragonVale Game

Developed By Deca Games
Operating System Android 5.0+
App Version 4.20.2
File Size 96.63MB
License Free

How To Download DragonVale in PC?

Downloading DragonVale in PC is easy. But before telling you the proper steps to get the jobe done, I want you to acknowledge one thing. This game is developed for the benefit of Android OS users. So if you are trying to play it on your computer, then you’ll be required to access the services of Android emulators.

Anyone can use the services of Android emulators to emulate Android OS. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy all of their favorite Android games on PC. But you are required to acknowledge a number of steps to complete the task. So read the provided instructions carefully, before you start implying them.

Through Memu Play

  • Download Memu Play software on your PC/Laptop.
  • After installing the downloaded emulator, launch it.
  • At the time of the first launch, let it complete the first-boot.
  • When you can see the software’s home interface, upload the DragonVale APK file in it. You just have to double-click on the app’s downloaded file to open it through Memu.
  • Now when you start seeing the icon of DragonVale inside Memu, click once on it.
  • This way, you’ll be able to use the DragonVale in Windows OS.

Through BlueStacks

  • Click here to download BlueStacks on your iMac or MacBook
  • After downloading the .exe file of the emulator, start its installation procedure.
  • When the emulator is installed, run it.
  • Let it complete the first-boot and wait until you start seeing its home interface.
  • Now when the boot process is completed and the emulator is launched properly, its time to upload the DragonVale APK file in it.
  • Just navigate to the three-dotted menu and select Install APK
  • Select the app’s file from your downloads folder.
  • After a couple of seconds, the DragonVale in Mac will be installed and ready to use.

DragonVale App in PC Features

DragonVale App in PC

  • A 3D Dragon Town
    This game is developed in 3D graphics, so you’ll love every part about it. The way the dragons moves and the colorful looks of your garden. The game items are slightly different from the other games you’ll get from the market. Because it doesn’t lags and still manages to deliver you the best 3D gaming experience.
  • Feading Dragons
    A player is allowed to breed his dragons in a way he wants to. Meaning, your dragons will grow depending upon what you feed them. If you are giving them food with quality ingredients, then you’ll see that they’ll grow faster. And you can also decide which creature should be the protector of your realm.
  • Unique Creatures
    DragonVale App in PC contains lots of great and unique creatures. But some them are hidden in parks that you are not easy to get into. So you’ll have to work hard to enter such mansions. Find the right cards and gifts from different lands, so you can unlock them as soon as possible.
  • Building Parks
    You can’t have enough fun while staying in a single park. Also, your dragins will also get bored if you don’t allow them to fly from one place to another. So you’ll have to keep building parks. In each park, you’ll be allowed to have tons of fun with your beloved creatures.
  • Multiplayer Fun
    By any chance, if you get bored of playing the game all by yourself, you all allowed to add a companion to share some fun with. A player can share his gaming score/progress with other players. He’s just required to go online to add a friend in his game room.

That’s all, Softstribe is developed to benefit its viewers.

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