Download ibis Paint X App in PC (Windows & Mac)

Follow the provided guide to download & install the ibis Paint X App in PC. You know that its a drawing app that is developed to benefits handheld device owners. But now by implying a neat tip/trick, it is possible for you to use the app’s services on your computer. I’ll introduce you to a method to complete the task.

ibis Paint X App in PC

I’ll start by providing the ibis Paint X APK file to you. I’ll ensure that I’ve added the upgraded version of the app, so you can claim upgraded services. However, you can read the instructions are requirements of the app’s file that’ll also help you acknowledge some information about it.

Download ibis Paint X App

Developers ibis Inc
App Version v7.1.0
File Size 25.85MB
Supported OS Android 7.0+
License Free

How To Install ibis Paint X App in PC?

Now that you’ve got the APK file, its time to help you install the ibis Paint X App in PC. You should acknowledge one thing about this application, it has no official desktop version. So in order to use it on your computer, you’ll be required to access services from Android emulators.

Yes, such emulators help you emulate all sorts of Android apps & games on PC. And the method I’ll be using, you’ll not be asked to pay any real money to get the job done. Because I’ll introduce you to both free Android emulators that are only developed to benefit smartphone and PC users.

Download BlueStacks to use ibis Paint X App in Windows OS

  • Click here to download BlueStacks on your Windows PC.
  • After downloading the .exe file of the emulator, start its installation procedure.
  • When the emulator is installed, run it.
  • Let it complete the first-boot and wait until you start seeing its home interface.
  • Now when the boot process is completed and the emulator is launched properly, its time to upload the ibis Paint X APK file in it.
  • Just navigate to the three-dotted menu and select Install APK
  • Select the app’s file from your downloads folder.
  • After a couple of seconds, the ibis Paint X App in Windows will be installed and ready to use.

Download Nox to use ibis Paint X App in Mac OS

  • Download & install the Nox emulator on your iMac or MacBook.
  • Launch the emulator from the desktop of your machine.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure Nox.
  • After seeing the home interface of the software, drag the ibis Paint X APK file drop it on the emulator’s interface.
  • Wait for a while and let the emulator install the uploaded app’s file.
  • At last, launch the ibis Paint X App in Mac from the main interface of Nox.

Features of ibis Paint X App in PC

ibis Paint X App in PC

ibis Paint X App in PC contains lots of great features that I would like to discuss with you.

  1. Good for learners
    This app can be good for learners, people who are willing to advance in the field of drawing. Because it helps you learn for people who’ve got experience in the perspective field. Also, lots of its learning tutorials are available on Youtube, users can watch the videos whenever they want to.
  2. Free-to-use
    Users are allowed to use ibis Paint X without paying any real money, but only if they are ok with the online advertisements. However, a good thing is that you are never bothered by such irritations while you are drawing. So if you are a learner, then the free version works well for you.
  3. Screen Recorder
    By any chance, if you want to record moments while drawing, you can use the app’s built-in screen recorder. And when you are done creating a drawing, you can easily share it on social platforms like Youtube. This way you’ll be able to share your work with people from around the globe.
  4. Variety of Brushes
    You’ll enjoy the variety of brushes available in ibis Paint X. Almost every kind of drawing instruments are available for your ease. For instance, if you just want to sketch, then you can select a pencil with a tip of your choice. And you can also select brush angles as you desire to do so.
  5. Unlimited Layers
    There’s no limit in adding layers to your drawings. A user is allowed to keep adding the layers until he’s satisfied. So using ibis Paint X App in PC helps you test and see the drawing results instantly. You can even see the results before having to save your files on your device’s disk storage.

That’s all, Softstribe is developed to benefit its readers.

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