Download MeetEZ in PC, Windows 10/8/7/Mac OS

Read the presented article if you want to Download MeetEZ in PC. I’ve drafted a way for users who wish to download & install this Android app on a computer. So the presented way will help users who have installed Windows or Mac OS on their PC. Because I’ve only tested the provided method on these two specific operating systems.

MeetEZ in PCAt first, I’ll provide the MeetEZ APK file that you can easily install on your Android device. But the same app’s file is also beneficial for users who want to use it on their computer. And for that, you’ll be required to understand a bunch of steps that I’ve written in the provided method.

Download MeetEZ App

Developed By Mobile Dating Dev
Operating System Android 4.1+
App Version 1.34.1
File Size 12MB
License Free

How Can You Download MeetEZ in PC?

If you want to Download MeetEZ in PC, then you’ll be required to use Android emulators. These programs are designed specifically for users who want to emulate the Android OS on their computer. So with their help, you are able to install and use your desired Android applications on your computer.

The utilities that I’ve tested, they are named Memu Play and BlueStacks. Both of these emulators work well depending upon a user’s operating system. Like if you are using Windows OS, Memu servers you the best. Likewise, BlueStacks runs perfectly on iMac and MacBook(s).

Getting Memu Play to use MeetEZ in Windows 10/8/7

  • Download Memu Play software on your PC/Laptop.
  • After installing the downloaded emulator, launch it.
  • At the time of the first launch, let it complete the first-boot.
  • When you can see the software’s home interface, upload the MeetEZ APK file in it. You just have to double-click on the app’s downloaded file to open it through Memu.
  • Now when you start seeing the icon of MeetEZ inside Memu, click once on it.
  • This way, you’ll be able to use the MeetEZ in Windows OS.

Getting BlueStacks to use MeetEZ in Mac OS

  • Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your Mac device.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete its configuration process.
  • Once you start seeing its main interface, navigate to the three-dotted menu icon and select Install APK
  • Select the MeetEZ APK file from your device’s disk storage.
  • Let the emulator install the uploaded app’s file.
  • Afterward, start using MeetEZ in Mac through BlueStacks.

MeetEZ App in PC Features

MeetEZ App in PC

  • Easy Search
    Through this dating platform, you can search for your people that you find attractive. A user can navigate to the search menu, to search for people and then add them as well. You just have to select what gender you are looking for. Either you want to be friends with men or women.
  • Long Lasting Chats
    A good thing about this platform is that you’ll always find people who are interested in chatting with new people. So if you send them a request, they’ll always welcome you with warm heart. And while chatting with them, you can use the emojis and GIFs to show your emotions.
  • Media Sharing
    With MeetEZ App in PC, a user is allowed to share any file he wants to. Either he can share videos or image files from his device. There’s no restriction of sending file formats, so you are allowed to send video clips and your selfies as well. Share some good moments with people whom you find trustworthy.
  • Helping Others
    If a user ever finds a recipient abusive, he can report him easily. He can drop the ratings of this particular user, so others can avoid adding him as a friend. This way, so every member can behave in the conversations that are supposed to be just a civilized chat. That’s pretty good features for users who want to avoid bullies.

That’s all, Softstribe is developed to benefit its viewers.

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