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Download Messenger Lite APK on your device and get access to almost all of the features of the Official Messenger application. Messenger Lite is a light-weight application made for those users who have less storage space on their smart devices. Moreover, the size of this application is almost 10MB which is quite small for all of the features packed in the application.

About Messenger Lite APK

Messenger Lite APKAs Messenger Lite is a light-weight application the main twerk of this application is that it consumes very little internet data. Meaning that this application will save you more internet MBs as compared to the official Messenger application. However, the official Messenger application provides a lot more features and functions.

The stability of the Messenger Lite application is outclassed. Moreover, this application can perform extremely well on a poor internet connection and as well on 2G internet speed. With the Messenger Lite application, you can easily and quickly connect to all of your friends on Facebook, Messenger, or Facebook lite.

Just like the official Messenger application, you can easily see which of your Facebook friends are online and are available for a Chat, Call, or even video call. Make a group with all of your friends and chat with them or create a plan for an amazing get-together.

With the Messenger Lite application, you can send photos, links, videos, and more. Express yourself or your feelings by using stunning stickers. Make calls and video calls over WiFi or use cellular internet package. Connect with your friends and family all around the world for free.

Messenger Lite App In PC

Download Messenger Lite APK

App Name Messenger Lite
App Developer Facebook
App Categorie Communication
APK Version Messenger Lite_V_106.
Compatible With Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android
License Free
APK File Size 9.99 MB

How To Install Messenger Lite APK

To install the Messenger Lite on your Android Smart device you have to change some settings. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Open the settings on your Android smart device.
  2. Now open security or Additional settings.
  3. On different Android devices, this option is located in Additional settings or security.
  4. Now in Additional settings select “Safety and Privacy”.
  5. Now look for the “Install Unknows Source Apps” option.
  6. Toggle the switch and turn it on.
  7. Now download the APK file and open it to start the installation.
  8. Follow all of the commands given to you by the app.
  9. Once the installation is complete, open the app and start using it.

Messenger Lite APK

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