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Download Socratic APK to solve all your mathematical problems with ease. This application is the official product of a tech giant, so it’ll be best for you to get it from a trusted source. So I’ll provide a little detail about the app’s services, about how it works and you can benefit from it to understand complicated calculations.

What is Socratic?

Socratic is an educational platform that focuses on delivering solutions to scientific problems. Lots of help on variant subjects are added to help students specifically. And because it’s developed by Google, you can access its services without paying any real money. Likewise, there’s no need to subscribe or register.

Socratic APK

One thing that you’ll find appreciatable is the different options of adding a problem. Users can upload a problem by taking adding taking a snap or by voice commands. And if they have enough time to type the problem, then they can do that with ease. Furthermore, if a user is trying to learn more with the help of common questions & answers, then he can also use the search facility.

Mostly, users are provided with a single solution. But not with Socratic APK, because now they can get explanations from different professors and pick one depending upon their caliber. The app also delivers you the sources from which data has been collected. So you can select whatever solution is more understanding to you.

If a user is not satisfied with plain text/explanation, then he can also get a result with images attached. Yes, with the proper explanation, you’ll not have excuses, and it’ll be a lot beneficial for your carrier. Also, this app works great for all science students. Especially for the homeschooling students.

Download Socratic in PC

Download Socratic APK

Developed By Google LLC
Operating System Android 5.0+
App Version
File Size 11.1MB
License Free

How To Download Socratic APK for Android?

To install the app on your Android device, you need to implement a bunch of easy steps. Because whenever you are trying to install an app’s APK file, you’ve to make some changes. So read the provided instructions carefully to acknowledge the full procedure:

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to Security
  • Check the Allow Installation from Unknown Sources checkbox.
  • Now download the Socratic APK file and then open it.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to install it successfully.
  • When done, launch Socratic APK for Android from your App Drawer.

That’s all, Softstribe is developed to benefit its readers.

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