Download and Install TextPlus APK on Android OS Free App 2020

TextPlus APK is something out of the box. This app is exceptional, do you want a phone number in the USA or Canada without getting a SIM Card. Yes! you heard it right. TextPlus APK is that kind of app that allows you to make free text and calls using a phone number to a phone number without a sim card. So, in this way, anyone can turn an Android tablet into a smartphone also. Because TextPlus APK is for Android and it can be downloaded on any Android device.

TextPlus is free!

You know that people now prefer to calls over WiFi because cellular network loads are really expensive. Also, the messages and calls are really expensive, especially in the USA, UK, and Canada. We don’t have an internet connection Wi-Fi or mobile data always. Sometimes we have to call on person’s number due to the unavailability of the internet on both ends or one. In that case, TextPlus arrives as the savior.

TextPlus APK

It allows you to text or makes calls on another person’s number completely free. Messages are absolutely free of cost and you can earn the points within the app that will play the role of easyload on your app assigned phone number. Using those points can let you make a phone call on US phone numbers. Inbound calls are completely free, there is no need to charge for them neither load nor points. Your whole app data will keep safe on the cloud which you can access anytime.

That’s all about TextPlus APK. Dear people of the US, you must try this app, you can save tons of money from this app and can completely make your phone use free.

Operating Systems Android
App Developer TextPlus
APK Version 7.7.1
APK File Size 55 MB
Last Updated 20-11-2020

Note: you can download TextPlus from any top website like or Also, learn how to install the TextPlus app for PC.

How To Download TextPlus APK for Android?

To install the app on your Android device, you need to implement a bunch of easy steps. Because whenever you are trying to install an app’s APK file, you’ve to make some changes. So read the provided instructions carefully to acknowledge the full procedure:

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to Security
  • Check the Allow Installation from Unknown Sources checkbox.
  • Now download the TextPlus APK file and then open it.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to install it successfully.
  • When done, launch TextPlus APK for Android from your App Drawer.

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