TorrDroid in PC, Free (Windows 10/8/7/Mac)

This article is written to help readers Download TorrDroid in PC. Because users who have tested this application on their smartphones, they know that it’s one of the best torrent clients in the market. So I’m going to provide a simple solution for users who want to use this app’s services on a computer.

TorrDroid in PCAt first, I’m going to provide a safe file of TorrDroid APK. So users can benefit from the file on their Android devices and computers as well. But afterward, I’ll take you on the guide to downloading the same app on a computer. And at last, I would be glad to discuss the app’s features with you.

Download TorrDroid App

Developed By IntelliGems
Operating System Android 4.1+
App Version 1.7.0
File Size 12.6MB
License Free

How To Download TorrDroid in PC?

One-n-only way to Download TorrDroid in PC is with the help of android emulators. It’s because the app is not officially developed for computers. So you are required to access the services of third-party software, so you can emulate the Android OS on your computer.

Yes, Android emulators allow a user to emulate the Android interface on a big screen. And users can benefit from such a program in several ways. They can play their smartphone games and even record their gameplay with ease. But you need good working software to use an app like TorrDroid in Windows & Mac OS.

On Windows OS

  • Download Memu Play software on your PC/Laptop.
  • After installing the downloaded emulator, launch it.
  • At the time of the first launch, let it complete the first-boot.
  • When you can see the software’s home interface, upload the TorrDroid APK file in it. You just have to double-click on the app’s downloaded file to open it through Memu.
  • Now when you start seeing the icon of TorrDroid inside Memu, click once on it.
  • This way, you’ll be able to use the TorrDroid in Windows OS.

On Mac OS

  • Download & install the Nox emulator on your iMac or MacBook.
  • Launch the emulator from the desktop of your machine.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure Nox.
  • Now from the home interface of the program, click on the Install APK button from the left-side icon bar.
  • Select the TorrDroid APK file from your device’s storage and hit Ok.
  • Wait for a while and let the emulator install the uploaded app’s file.
  • At last, launch the TorrDroid in Mac from the main interface of Nox.

TorrDroid App in PC Features

TorrDroid App in PC

  • Built-in Browsing
    There’s no need of using a web browser to search for your desired torrent files. Because this tool contains a built-in browser that allows you to search for torrents. And once you are successful in locating a torrent file, you are allowed to either upload it via magnetic or direct link.
  • Fast Downloading
    You can download your torrents freely while using TorrDroid. Because there are no speed limits. So you are allowed to download them according to your real internet speed. Also, the algorithms of this torrent client help you download files with less battery consumption.
  • Easy Sharing
    If you are willing to share your torrent links with others, you can use this app to get the job done. A user can share such links directly from the app’s interface. And the sent file will help a recipient navigate to the website from where you’ve started your download.
  • Downloading Options
    A user is provided with the option to download the desired torrent files on any data carrier. Meaning, you can either download them on Mobile data or decide to download them specifically over WiFi. But in my opinion, downloading over WiFi always works well for all sorts of consumers.
  • Manage Downloadables
    When a user is done downloading a file, he’s allowed to view it directly from the app’s interface. Even see the ongoing downloading files list and remove any files, if he wants to. Anyone is allowed to customize and manage all the torrent files.

That’s all, Softstribe is developed to benefit its users.

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