YouTube Kids App In PC Windows 10-7 & Mac Free Download

YouTube Kids App In PC is an Android application that is specifically made for children. With YouTube Kids App, you will get a contained environment for your kids. On this application, there are only kids related videos, shows, and more. Parents don’t have to worry about their child’s YouTube searches and more.

The YouTube Kids App allows your children to explore on their own. Parents don’t have to worry about any 12+ content on this application. Your children can guide their journey and discover new and exciting stuff on the YouTube Kids App.

The YouTube team has worked very have to make the YouTube Kids App family-friendly. They have applied many filters to keep all of the bad stuff out. However, no system is perfect, and sometimes inappropriate video slips through all of the filters.

YouTube Kids App In PC

The team is constantly working 24/7 to make YouTube Kids App perfect with no inappropriate videos, Moreover, they are also working to improve the safeguard and add more features that can help the parents to create the right journey for their family.

With this application, you will get many amazing features and access to all of the filters that you can apply to remove videos from the YouTube Kids App. From the settings of this application, you can also select the “Approved Content Only” filter. This filter will only show those videos on YouTube Kid App that is already approved by the YouTube Team.

About YouTube Kids App In PC

App Name YouTube Kids
App Developer Google LLC
App Category Music & Video
APK Version YouTube Kids_V_5.45.3
Compatible With Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android
License Free
APK File Size  34 MB

How To Download YouTube Kids App In PC

To install the APK file of the YouTube Kids App, You have to download and install an Android Emulator. You can use any Emulator you desire or the one you currently are using, However, In this article, I am going to be using BlueStacks Emulator to explain the method.

First, download the APK file of the YouTube Kids App from the link given above. Save the APK file on the desktop of your PC. Now Click on this LINK to download the BlueStacks Emulator. Once you have downloaded the EXE file then you can double click on it to start the installation of the Emulator.

YouTube Kids App In PC

Installing BlueStacks Emulator

Once you have clicked on the download file then the BlueStacks Installer will open, now click on the “Install Now” button to start the installation process of the BueStacks Emulator. Follow all of the instructions and steps that are given by the BlueStacks Installer. Also, select the language and add your active Gmail account.

Installing YouTube Kids App In PC Using BlueStacks

To install YouTube Kids App In PC using BlueStacks Emulator follow these easy and simple steps.

  1. Open the BlueStacks Emulator(this takes some time).
  2. Drag-n-drop the APK file on the home screen of the Emulator.
  3. The installation of the YouTube Kids App will start.

If the installation process does not start then follow this method.

  1. From the home screen of BlueStacks open the drop-down menu.
  2. In this menu select APK installer.
  3. Now search for the YouTube Kids App file.
  4. Right-click on it and select install.

This is how you can easily install the APK file of the YouTube Kids App on your PC using BlueStacks Emulator

Features Of YouTube Kids App In PC

Here are some of the amazing and cool features of the YouTube Kids App In PC

  1. Set screen time for your children.
  2. Find what your children are watching.
  3. Block videos that you find inappropriate for your children.
  4. Flag content if you find it inappropriate and want it removed from the YouTube Kids App.
  5. Flagged videos will be removed within 24 hours.

YouTube Kids App In PC

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